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How to stay motivated?

We are at that point in the semester where we just need a break. We realize that exams are just around the corner, but we do not necessarily have the motivation to keep going. However, spring is starting which means two things: spring break and sun. The spring break is the two-week time off that we have all been waiting for which should get you motivated again. Also, the sun is already a motivator alone because it puts you in a good mood.

But maybe the sun and the spring break are not enough, so here are a few tips on how to keep yourself motivated:

→ Set goals:

A goal is something that you want to achieve. When you set goals, you are deciding to work toward achieving them. You are giving yourself a direction to go in.

→ Think big:

I thought about this tip while writing the first one. When setting a goal, think about how it will affect your life in the long term. For example, my goal for this week is to study 4 chapters of one of my courses. How will this affect me in the long term? If I study, I will pass my exam and I will be one step closer to graduating, which is my ultimate goal.

→ Start small:

For some people, starting with a big task leads them to procrastination. So, start with a small task because when you do finish it, you will feel accomplished. This will motivate you to keep going and to get started on bigger tasks.

→ Mix things up:

One reason you could be lacking motivation is that you are in a rut. You could try mixing things up by changing your routine or your way of studying.

As you’re reading this article, you might be thinking that things are easier said than done which I get because I am a student as well. But I can say that these 4 tips are very useful and they could be easily implemented. The most important tip is to stay optimistic. Pessimism can drain your energy and so will your motivation as well.

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