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The Great Tutor

It’s not easy to find a good tutor that suits your requirements and meets your expectations as a student. PM network is glad to guide you to the right path and help you with your research. We present here some essential criteria that sculpt the great tutor:

1. Expertise

Technical knowledge is one's level of understanding of a subject or procedure. Tutors should have an appropriate level of technical expertise to help their students master and advance in a particular subject or skill area.

2. Passion

A good tutor is passionate about his subject and enjoys sharing his passion. He loves his/her field of knowledge, is deeply involved with the issues that influence his area of expertise, and is ever-present to discuss details about his specialty.

3. Attest

Whenever you look for a tutor for private courses and you’re about to select one, you need first to ask other students around you if they prove it.

The tutors of PM network are well selected and well trained to carry out their mission successfully. Thus, you can certainly rely on us for feedbacks and attests from our prodigies.

4. Pedagogy

Having a well-thought-out pedagogy can improve the quality of the teaching and the way students learn, helping them gain a deeper grasp of fundamental material. Being mindful of the way he teaches and of his methods can help the tutor better understand how to help students achieve deeper learning.

5. Adaptability

With individual tutoring, the tutor must adapt himself to every case. Since there is no pre-determined formula, the tutor’s approach must depend on the student’s needs and the particular difficulties he/she experiences. Throughout the sessions, the tutor will have to re-evaluate the student’s objectives as they progress. It is therefore important not to be afraid of creating a new action plan that will be better adapted to each new situation.

6. Energy

In order to establish a good relationship, the tutor should be an energetic person, someone with a lot of enthusiasm with respect to human interactions. This interest will certainly have a positive impact on a student discouraged by the university and his or her bad grades. Through his or her good mood and motivation, the tutor will be a model for success, inciting the student to imply himself or herself more and do better at university.

7. Openness

Listening to the needs of the student and demonstrating openness will help the tutor better understanding her/his situation. Inquiring about the context (the academic situation, the environment at university, at home, etc) allows the adoption of a more appropriate follow-up and the better use of work methods. The tutor’s involvement and presence offer support for a student in trouble and generally will make the student feel valued. The tutor’s openness must demonstrate their accessibility and involvement. A good tutor must be curious about and interested in the student they are helping.